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    With over 1000 branches nationwide
    iPoint Business Center provides its service
    with highest quality of international standard.

About iPoint

iPoint is an expert in integrated IT system as well as a developer of intelligent application.“iPoint” is capable of enhancing business growth for both domestic and foreign entrepreneurs by strengthening business capacity and sustainable profit growth.

iPoint Application is positioned as an online store that offers smartphone users a wide range of products and services from entrepreneurs like you. Apart from its convenience and highly secure system, iPoint is ready to serve your business with its professional marketing plans in creating excellent image for your products or stores as a way to continuously expand your customer base. It even helps to accurately deliver your products and services or stores to the target market, including development plans and enhancing your business capacity for passive income together with generating profit back as passive income. This is why iPoint is not only than just an online store application but also an “innovation” that can truly generate profit, wealth and sustainability for your business.

The Prespective

To become a leading firm in integrated IT system of international standard quality run by a highly competent team of professionals to ensure highest customer satisfaction and continually increase customer value.


The company is highly committed in improving its operation system, including establishing a network center in drawing closer bonds among all business partners, and continually improving application quality in order to securely and sustainably become the number one firm in IT system business.

Look Beyond

With its expertise and professional business plan, iPoint is ready to take its business and yours to the next level and share incredible future success. Through continuous development, we aim at becoming the number one mobile commerce application in Thailand and a leading firm in Asian market within the next 5years.

Business Partner

With over 100 branches nationwide, iPoint Business Center provides its service with highest quality of international standard. It is the center of business network that draws partners from all areas closer to form an integrated business alliance in finding solutions to answer current demands to ensure business growth. As a leading firm in mobile commerce application within the country, we aim to expand our business in countries throughout Asia and establish over 1,000 business centers within the next 5 years.


We are here to offer application users convenience in shopping and making payment for products and services, including rewarding points and returns. We also collaborate with many leading business network available for the best business model recommendation.


We are here to establish stability and expand customer base by continually powerful selecting

Technology and Logistics

The state-of-the-art technology is user-friendly, convenient, secure, together with the advanced e-payment system and potential logistics from the leading business alliance with expertise and high efficiency.

Step forword with iPoint

iPoint Core Value

Innovation - Create all dimensions of innovation continuously.
Promise - Pledge to the innovative organization.
Ownership - Love and create iPoint with the powerful sense of belonging.
Inspiration - Propel the organization with faithful inspiration.
Network - Merge the strong network toward unlimited boundary around the world.
Teamwork - Corroborate with team members by innovative management and the best service.


Nowadays, many trading markets have shifted from department stores to online stores and from online stores to mobile applications with more convenient transaction for products and services around the world. This emerging market trend through mobile applications continues to grow rapidly. It can be expected that the number of smartphone and tablet users will increase by no less than 60 percent within 3 years.
Upon realizing the growing trend of online market through mobile applications and changes in current lifestyle, “iPoint” was emerged based on the concept of development in response to the behavior in buying and selling of products and services between entrepreneurs and consumers. It is to become “the center of online trading that can be conveniently accessed by consumers through smartphone at anytime, anywhere.”
To meet consumer lifestyle in the near future, iPoint was developed as a mobile phone application to stimulate sales and passive income for entrepreneurs through online store program containing order/payment system and can quickly and efficiently link between buyers and sellers. It is a highly secure system and more superior as it helps to enhance and expand the business of both domestic and foreign entrepreneurs in order to drive them toward success on global scale.

iPoint Application

Confidence with iPont at any time anywhere any lifestyles

Why to choose us

iPoint app answering all needs of lifestyle practical through technological age.

360-degree view with services from iPoint. Allow quick search and access of products and services globally.

Order any products or services at anywhere and anytime by finger touch

Provide convenience with timesaving payment and transportation.

The system is highly secured guaranteed by international standard. It uses SSL protocol and encrypted with 128- bit key of PCI DSS Standard. Credit card payment is verified by 3D Secure such as VISA, MasterCard Secure Code and J/ Secure.

Products and services are delivered with quality and time under the management of our professional team

With convenient payment, buyers are able to utilize payment channel directly to sells' account and via bank together with e-account such as
- PaysBuy
- PayPal
- Online Credit Card
- Internet Banking
- Payment by cash through counter service, Tesco Lotus, Just Pay, Krungsri ATM, SCB, Family Mart, and Pay@Post

iPoint Download


iPoint is easily browsed and downloaded through operation systems such as IOS (App Store) and Android (Play Store) with free of charge . You will also get an instruction video to help demonstrate how to use the application and how iPoint can transform your daily expenses to passive income. By simply joining iPoint, you will be introduced to wealth, success, and sustainable growth. With iPoint,you can easily become a successful entrepreneur.

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